Knockdown Cabinets

Our Ready to Assemble cabinets come flat packed with Easy to Assemble hardware perfect for experienced contractors, builders and renovation companies. It's great for an easy DIY home project as well.

Cabinet Style

Various elements of design can change the look and tone of a space. In particular the style of box and doors for your cabinet can change the feel of your Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Bar, or Pantry.

Face Frame Cabinets

The American style cabinet with a ¾” thick and 1½” wide Face Frame around the front edge of the cabinet box. The doors and Drawers attach to the Face Frame instead of the cabinet side panels.

White Shaker Face Frame

Great for Traditional, Transitional, or Beach style Kitchens

Grey Shaker Face Frame

Great for Traditional, Farmhouse, or Beach style Kitchens

Blue Shaker Face Frame

Great for Farmhouse, Transitional or Beach style Kitchens

Frameless Cabinets

The European style cabinet without a Face Frame. The doors and Drawers attach directly to the cabinet side panels.

White Shaker Frameless

Great for Traditional, Transitional, or Beach style Kitchens

Wood Veneer Slab Frameless

Great for natural looking Contemporary, or Modern style kitchens

High Gloss White Slab Frameless

Great for Modern, or Contemporary style Kitchens

Key Elements


Top Mount / Under Mount Sink

Cabinet must be a minimum of 1½” larger than the Sink Base cabinet

Apron Sink

Generally, use 21” H x 24” D wall cabinet. This requires a custom Toe Base to be built.


Standard, or Microwave Hood Built in base requires modification

Oven / Range

Standard, or Cooktop
24” W, 30” W, 36” W,
or 30” W Oven Pantry


24” W, 30” W, or 36” W.
Cabinet, Chimney, or Microwave


24” W, 30” W, 33” W, or 36” W
12” D or 24” D Fridge Cabinet

Bathroom & Laundry

Vanity Sink

Undermount, Top Mount, Vessel Mount
Know your size, vanity sinks come in a variety of sizes


No less than 18” from center of toilet to side of cabinet. However, more might be suggested as too narrow can feel tight.

Washer & Dryer

Standard, Undercounter, Dual, Stacked
Cabinets and Countertop above or to the side of the appliances

Feature Choices

It is important to keep in mind which features you need in a cabinet to best optimize the space for its end use.

Base Cabinet

General storage for small appliances, pots, pans, utensils, dish cloths, Tupperware, foils and wraps and more.

One Door, One Drawer

Ideal for small appliances, pots and pans, and additional large or infrequent use items

Three Drawer

Ideal for Tupperware, foils and wraps, and small frequent access items

Spice Rack

Ideal for quick grab spices, and small canned goods

Base Corner Cabinet

Base Corner units come in many different shapes and sizes dependent on the kitchen layout.

90 Degree FHD Lazy Susan

Ideal for easy to access items in corners with space on both sides

Blind Corner

Ideal for corners with tight spaces on one side

Corner Sink Base

Ideal for double windows in the corner

Bar Cabinets

Cabinets that are great for creating a hosting space or bar area, or small kitchen additions for your average wine connoisseur.

Wine Rack

Great for Kitchens or Bars. Base Wine Racks require a custom Toe Base to be built.

Microwave Cabinet

Great for Kitchens or Bars. Microwave cabinets are a go to for bars.

Stem Glass Holder

Great when coupled with our Wine Racks for a nicely designed Bar.


A touch of the unexpected or simple modifications can really add to the feel of your space.

End Panels

End Panels can be ⅝” thick to provide a solid edge, ¼” thick to provide a flush side, or use no end panels

Open End Shelves

Open End Shelves can be used to open up a kitchen from an open wall or around a window


Extending out a countertop by several inches or other accents can really add a nice flair to your space

Top Moulding

Cove, Crown, or Flat Top Moulding is the most common flair

Bottom Moulding

Light Trim Bottom Moulding for puck or strip lighting.


Fillers can be used to fill gaps or to add extra flair to a space with Flat or Fluted Fillers

How to Measure

Measure twice, cut once. Accurate measurements are key to a properly built kitchen.

  1. Starting Position – First start by selecting one side or corner to base all measurements from.
  2. Walls – Then measure the length of all walls, leaving room back from the edge of open wall.
    1. Note doors need room to open, so make sure to leave extra room for filler when putting cabinet doors beside walls
  3. Window Size – Measure the width to the outside of the Window Moulding.
    1. Note it is usually good to leave some room between the moulding and the wall cabinets to not feel too tight.
  4. Window Location – Measure from your starting point to both the outer edge of the window moulding and the center of the window. Two measurements are better than one.
  5. Sink Size – Measure the size of your sink, on the inside of the cabinet. Measuring the Size of the current sink base is great for double checking measurement.
  6. Sink Location – Measure from your starting point to the center of the sink, center of the sink should line up with the center of the window. Double check if this is not the case.
    1. Note it is important to know where your pipes are if any changes are made.
  7. Dishwasher – Standard 18”, or 24” wide generally to the left or right of the sink.
  8. Range / Hood Size – Standard 24”, 30”, or 36” wide
  9. Range / Hood Location – Measure from the starting point to the edge and center of the Range / Hood.
    1. Note it is important to know where your exhaust pipe is if any changes are made
  10. Fridge Size – Standard 24”, 30”, 33”, or 36” wide
  11. Fridge Location – Measure from the starting point to the edge and center of the Fridge. Note any extra filler for space to the wall
  12. Ceiling Height – Measure the Height from the floor to the ceiling in at least two different spots, although three spots are preferred, as ceilings in older buildings can sag down on one side, or another, or even in the center.
  13. Additional measurements – Note any the measurements of any obstructions, including plugs, switches, doors, soffits that might affect the layout.

Create a Layout

Creating a layout is essential for maintaining accuracy and can help your vision come to life. Layouts can be create using digital programs or pencil and graph paper.

Select your Product

Once you have created a basic layout, you can check out our Product Lines pages to select the items you wish to purchase and really fine tune your final layout.

Face Frame

Face Frame Base Cabinet

Compilation of cabinets


Frameless Drawer

#11 - B24


Lazy Susan Tray

#01 - DCB36

DTC Drawer Box

#06 - Metal Drawer Box (All)


We have created a large selection of downloadable assembly guides to assist you in the assembly process, linked below. Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding our product.


Once your cabinets have been assembled it is time for installation.

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